The union of two great types of Natural cultivation: SYNERGIC (Emilia hazelip) and BIO-DYNAMIC (Rudolf Stainer)

Our farm is located near the sea on the East Coast of Sardinia. All year round we take care of the orchard, olive grove and vegetable garden applying our knowledge of permaculture (no: fertilizer, pesticides or chemical treatments).

In 2010 I started to cultivate with the Synergistic method, in 2014 I inserted BioDynamic workings in the Synergistic benches, this to make cultivation even simpler, and this is how my SINEDINA method (Sweet Synergistic, the union of the two great Natural systems: of Emilia Hazalip and Rudolf Stainer) began. This is without neglecting the traditional method, which remains indispensable for some crops.
We cultivate because the earth satisfies the soul and creativity frees the mind.

My farm is 7000 square metres. A small residence with 10 beds has been built on the lot.
Our clients have the possibility to use their own personal kitchen to prepare their meals freely with our vegetables, which we give for free.
One kilometre away there are two beaches with fine sand and shallow water for lovers of the sea, ideal for families with children who want peace and safety.

 SINEDIN method


The "bancali" are nothing more than structures to raise the land for cultivation. The soil inside is never worked.
The 1st photo shows the simplest pallet, with the canvas blocked by reeds.
In the 2nd and 3rd photos the "bancali" is made of planks, which allows higher heights and easier working.

Here the "bancali" were made in a protected environment.
No monocultural crops should be grown inside the "bancali", as the seedlings would absorb the same substance, impoverishing the pallet.
The system is not only convenient to follow but also highly productive.