Sarrala - Loc. Su Concali
Tertenia (OG)
GPS Position ___ N 39,699720° ___ E 9,642703°

Visiting the extraordinary east coast of Sardinia, we find the most beautiful sea in the Mediterranean, large, fine sandy beaches, incredibly coloured water and dreamy coves.
beaches of fine sand, water of incredible colours and dreamy coves. Sardinia is becoming more and more a fascinating island, capable of arousing strong emotions and offering a great variety of landscapes: mountains, sea, beaches, without forgetting that part of the island hidden from most people's eyes. The island's insularity preserves and protects it, making it largely uncontaminated, given the scarce industrialisation that allows it to maintain levels of integrity that are rare in Europe and almost impossible to find in Italy. The sun, the sea, the clean air, the iodine are a unique opportunity to be seized in Sardinia. Some of our clients have their families spend several months on the island.
As well as long excursions, climbing, fishing trips from land and by boat, Sardinia also offers the possibility of diving in a seabed rich in flora and fauna.
A climate that is normally mild in winter and warm but breezy in summer makes it possible to practice diving all year round, in a sea full of fish and emotions, especially in autumn.
The marina of Tertenia overlooking the east coast of the island, is the ideal solution for those who want to spend their holidays away from the crowds and chaos, have the tranquility, and be close to the main tourist resorts of Central Sardinia!
The houses are located about 1000 metres from the sea, in the centre of the marina of Sarrala, far enough away from the tourist settlements of the area to offer that much desired tranquillity. Tertenia also occupies a central position between the various towns of major tourist attraction such as Tortolì - Arbatax and Muravera, and consequently the tourist has the opportunity to be close to other centres and to take advantage of additional services.
Tertenia can be easily reached through the state road Orientale Sarda S.S. 125, which connects it both to the port and airport of Tortolì - Arbatax, and to the port and airport of Cagliari, while another S.S. ..... connects it to Nuoro and from there to the rest of Sardinia (Olbia, Oristano, Sassari).

This is undoubtedly one of the areas on which tourists have focused their attention in recent years, thanks to the alternating scenery of the sea, mountains, the Quirra river and fertile plains. In addition, the long coastline, which takes on a variety of colours along the way, includes no less than 11 km of coastline interspersed with cliffs and beaches, the main feature of which is the remarkable variety of landscapes.
Between 'Barisoni' and 'Coccorocci', there are two long, wide beaches of fine white sand and many other small beaches, interspersed with jagged granite cliffs shaped by the force of the sea.
The most characteristic beach is "Foximanna", 800 m of fine sand, bordered by pink granite cliffs, and with the mouth of the Rio "Sa brecca", from which the beach takes its name, almost in the middle.
Immediately afterwards we find a small beach called 'Dispensa' with an exceptionally bright seabed and a wide range of colours in the surrounding landscape.
The coast is articulated and hides a series of small coves, covered with fine, silvery sand, with green Mediterranean scrub as a backdrop.
The marina of Tertenia offers a wide choice of scuba diving, from caves, to shallows, to gullies, encountering shoals of snappers, amberjacks, croakers, breams, murres, octopuses, moray eels, lobsters and cicadas, as well as barracudas and lampugas in summer.
If you are a keen fisherman or if you want to enjoy Sardinia in milder temperatures and on your own without being disturbed by the crowds, then... we are here all year round!
If you want to have an idea of the landscapes, the sea and the mountains that await you in this area of the island, don't forget to visit the page dedicated, in this site, to the sea and mountain landscapes, full of photos and accompanied by a simple description.

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